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Enquiry Management and Tracking

Spending multiple hours collaborating with managers, sales team and clients just for follow up was a daily expensive task to carry, for the company. KCBL enquiry management application solves this problem enhancing growth and productivity in the sales team.

KCBL is an authorized dealer to various reputed brands from India with the commitment to ensure excellence in the quality of their products and services. KCBL enquiry management application is a web-based enquiry tracking system that tracks the enquiry generated by the respective field salesman. KCBL enquiry app is installed on the handset of salespeople so that they keep the digital note of enquiry generated by the customer and follow up accordingly.

Enquiry Web Application

Admins/managers were not able to manage the enquiry generated by the salesman in a proper way.

Effective management and tracking of customer enquiry


Admin dashboard is the summary of the enquiry generated, collection, products and support.


Assign is the functionality to add a task to the respective salesman.


ERP is the incomplete enquiry punched by the salesman.


These are the enquiries punched by the salesman differentiating them into hot, warm and cold leads.


Product functionality enables admin to add and manage their product effortlessly.


Admin can upload the collection of each salesman done and create the next follow up for collection too.


Support list out the assigned service needed by the customers. Whenever the customer needs any support, the salesman assigns the task to the support team so that they can solve the problem asap.


Admin can add and edit users and their details.

Admin can track every single enquiry generated per day from the respective salesman. This seems to boost up effectiveness in enquiry management. Enquiry tracking benefit admin with leads win-loss ratio and the salesman with follow up.

Enquiry Mobile Application

Salesmen were using pen & paper for maintaining the records of enquiries.

This mobile app is for the salesman who needs to register the enquiry of customers, call & visit clients time and again or report the feedback. This app is very user-friendly and simple to perform salesman tasks on a daily basis.

Simple and user-friendly mobile app

The mobile app seems simple and very user-friendly with a beautifully designed layout. Also, the app is fast with all the required fields. Sales employees will be surely benefited with this easy to use mobile app. The app is featured with,


For adding a new enquiry, a salesman needs to fill multiple field form with the enquirer details and save it. After saving the data is saved as an enquiry. Also, the salesman can transfer the enquiry to the other salesman related to the respective product too. Doing this will give a notification to the assigned salesman.

Wow, this app also allows sending quotations along with brochures to the respective enquirer email with a single click and just filling a small quotation form which includes product name, quantity, VAT details.


When you punch an incomplete enquiry, the enquiry shows on ERP. Incomplete enquiry in the sense that, enquiry misses these fields; customer name, contact person name, contact person mobile, contact person address, location of enquiry, sales rate.

Enquiry FollowUp

This activity is simply the list of all the enquiries whose follow-up should be done as of the current date. For follow up, two options are being provided, call and visit. When you choose to call, you can call the saved number. If you visited the customer, you choose the visit option and fill the details Met/Not Met and the summary like a win, loss, drop along with a short description. You can also schedule a follow update which will sync with your Google Calendar, then submit.


The collection lists all the collections assigned to logged-in salesmen in card format.

Collection FollowUp

This follow-up lists all the collections whose follow up is pending as of the current date.

EMI Calculator

This activity is for the calculation of EMI with the help of entered data.

Activity Log

This activity acts as a log for all the tasks done by the salesman in the app like punching enquiries, adding followup, sending quotation and others.

Leads - Hot, Warm and Cold

Look great, leads are prioritized into three sections for easy understanding.

Sales - Win, Loss, and Drop

This activity defines the performance of the salesman with a win-loss ratio. This provides a clear view of the lead conversion.


Whenever a mobile gets connected to the internet, all the data & information is synced between the web and mobile app, amplifying team collaboration.


The salesman gets all the notification when a new product is added, collection assigned and other work done from the admin. Also, notify the enquiry transfer from another sales member.

This application totally removes the paper pen enquiry reporting system and digital enquiry management & tracking. The main motto of the app is never missing a single lead, enquiries & follow up out of your hand. Also, the salesman can punch enquiry and can send quotations/brochure at any time. This uplifts salesman productivity along with the growth of company business.

The impact of implementing enquiry management application

Increased productivity by 52%
Workload decreased by 40%
Time saved by 70%

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