Field Employee Tracker Solution for 4K Paints

Shubham Singal is the owner of 4K Paints that manufactures all types of paints & primers. It is based out of Moga, Punjab (India)

Field Employee Tracker-Interview-with-4kpaints

What problem did you aim to solve using Delta Sales App?

The main issue we were facing at that point was, we were unable to track our employees and we didn’t want to rely on WhatsApp for everything - like sharing live locations as there are many chances of disrupranceies.

What features do you like most about the Delta Sales App?

The main feature which we liked the most is live tracking and party visit. We can know where our field employees are and how much time the employee has spent with a particular customer. Moreover, auto attendance and leave are also great features.

How is the support offered by the Delta Sales Team?

Whenever we get any problem or have any sort of queries, we just message Delta Sales App support team on Whatsapp and within 5-10 minutes we get a reply and solution in half an hour or one hour.

Could you please let us know any areas we could improve on?

Actually, I feel everything is okay. Whenever we have any doubt, we contact your team members and they help us a lot with our issues. So I would say service is 100/100.

Anything that you’d like to add?

I feel that all manufacturing companies should use the Delta Sales App and according to my point of view, Delta Tech is one of the finest companies as they provide excellent services.

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