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About Crest Foods

The Chennai based B2B company, Crest foods is one of the largest frozen food distribution in India. They have a large number of distributors across class A and B towns.


The company employs a significant number of sales executives. As the number of employees and distributors increased, the numbers of orders also increased exponentially, where at a point, it became difficult to manage the orders as well as to track sales executives’ activities. Also they needed to manage their distributors and retailers. The organization wanted to eliminate paperwork and reduce operational costs as it had become impossible for their employees to compile and organize data from each store in a timely way.


The Delta Sales Web Application provided Admin panel with following features (not limited to):

1. Real-Time Employees GPS Location Tracking: The clients were able to track the real-time location of the employees.

2. Order Management: The clients were able to view and edit the orders. They can change the statuses of the orders and can generate invoices. Our application allowed them to send the invoices to the parties.

3. Products Management: Delta Sales App allowed the clients to add different products, create custom rates and manage those products.

4. Party Management: The web application made our clients easier to manage their parties. The clients now were able to add parties, view accounts related to the parties and also see the location of the parties in the map.

5. Manage Employees: The application made the clients easier to manage the employees. Clients can track the party visits by the sales executives, view attendance reports, expenses.

6. Reports: The clients were able to generate various kinds of reports related to accounts, sales orders, collections and employees’ performance.

Field Salesman Application for Sales Executives

The android application for field sales force allowed the sales executives to update their sales activities. The main problem that our app solved are:

1. Automate Order Taking: The sales executives can now take orders from the parties. The admins can view the orders generated in real time.

2. Add New Parties: The sales executive could now add new parties and take orders from them instantly at the counters.

3. Add Collections and Expenses: The field sales executives can now add collections made from different parties and add expenses. All these data can be synced easily and the admins can view the entries in real time.

4. Add Party notes and remarks: Important Party notes and remarks could be added easily.

5. End of the Day Reports: Our app allowed the sales executives to generate EOD reports that could be shared easily with the sales managers or admins.

Outcome of Implementation:

Sales Automation: The Delta Sales App helped to significantly reduce paper works. The sales activities were automated, that saved time for the business owners. Clients were able to generate the sales reports, view sales executives activities and manage parties. Without having to sacrifice to micro manage things, clients can now focus on other aspects of their business.

Employee Tracking and Management: Any business holders know how much time and attention it cost them to manage their employee's activities. Our clients were able to solve these issues by tracking their sales employee, sales orders, beat, party visits and travel routes.

Overall Result: What our client has witnessed is the increase in sales, productivity and decrease in complexities related to management and we are happy to assist them.


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