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Field Sales Automation for SABA Solutions

Sony Mayuvi is the owner of “SABA solutions, a company based in Indonesia, which produces ready-to-eat spices and side dishes, and distributes directly to the stores.

No. of stores covered every month: 3600+


How did you come across the Delta Sales App?

As we are a manufacturer and distributors, we were in need of a system to help us record all the transactions. So, at the first stage, I looked at the solution in Indonesia. There were two options at that time, I tried both and implemented those solution for a while in our company but they did not meet our needs.

So, I started to search on the internet and I came across Delta Sales App and saw all of their features, had a demo of software and I liked it. In the beginning, we found difficulties in the language. Our salesman cannot speak English but considering the features and easy implementation, I thought English can be learned along the way and that’s why we decided to move to Delta Sales App.

What problem did you aim to solve using the Delta Sales App?

The main problem was our database. We needed a platform to help us record every data in one place - the store name, their location marked in the map, our products, daily transactions, etc. We got Delta Sales App so that we can have all our data inside a single system.

Secondly, what we were looking for is an easy to use field salesman app that does order taking, creating new parties or customers. Delta Sales App had all the features in their mobile app where other apps found in Indonesia were not able to fulfil our field requirement.

What features do you like the most about the Delta Sales App?

The feature I like the most right now is the end-of-day report. It automates our field sales reps activities. Just by clicking one button, reports are sent to our group. It really simplifies our job.

The other feature that we like is the visibility of the route travelled by salesmen each day.

How is the support offered by the Delta Sales App team?

The support team is doing great. Whenever I have a problem, I just catch them on Whatsapp & then they get back to me at the speed I can accept.

There was also a requirement that I was in need of and the Delta Sales App team launched that feature in the next version, which I really appreciate.

Anything that you’d like to add?

I recommend using this app to other companies that have a process of distribution to stores. This app will really help in terms of administration, database and employee tracking.

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