Thinking of growing your business and taking it to the next level? Or Just want to manage tons of data and improve your workflow? Well, CRM is the answer for you. Here we have listed 10 of the countless reasons on why your company needs a CRM.

1. Improve Customer Relationships

CRM is all about developing client relationships. A CRM system compiles your customer data and organizes it in a way that’s easily accessible. To improve client interactions, having up-to-date information is vital. The information has to be easily transferable between members of your teams so that your sales and customer service teams can provide better support to your clients.

A CRM helps you achieve this and a lot more with various features. Along with managing your existing customers, CRM would allow you to track your leads, transactions, contacts, customer support interactions, marketing campaigns all within the same app. All this data might get overwhelming but having a CRM streamlines the way you view your analytics. You can then utilize the sorted information and focus on clients without missing a follow-up and improve interactions, which would eventually increase customer satisfaction and grow your customer base.

2. Better Data Management

If your company hasn’t yet invested in a CRM, it is most likely that your data is a mess. In sales, having all the information in one place is essential. Wasting your time and energy searching for the last interaction you had with your client in your inbox just to stay updated greatly affects your performance. The modern-day salesperson has to stay efficient and have all the relevant data when interacting with a client.

That’s where a sales CRM software comes in. It stores, organizes, analyzes and protects the data gathered by your organization.

3. Secure Storage

Cloud storage has come a long way in the past couple of years. It is efficient and reliable in terms of storing a huge amount of data. Since most of your data management will be automated with a CRM software, it is always a priority of every SaaS CRM to have multiple layers of security.

Using multiple data centers, taking daily database backups, utilizing encrypted and certified transmissions are among a few ways CRM systems protect your information.

Instead of storing data physically or locally on digital devices, using a CRM safeguards your data with the above mentioned security strategies. Preventing data breaches, mismanagement and losses from malwares and viruses,, CRMs can provide a high level of security for all your data storage needs.

4. Efficient Time Management

Automation is the name of the game, when it comes to time management in the modern economic environment. The more hands-free you’ll be on small, tedious tasks, the more you’ll be able to focus on important endeavors. A CRM will help you achieve just that with email integrated automation, tracking data and producing up-to-date reports.

Email Integration helps you manage your time better. Having a complete history of emails exchanged is a life saver when it comes to impromptu interactions with your customers. User-friendly contact details management, meaning your contact data is organized and easily editable will save you the trouble of manually maintaining your records. Filters will unclutter your data and present you with the information you need at a moment's notice. Features like these will be made available to you when you use a CRM software that’ll make managing your time much easier.

5. Increase Productivity

A CRM software will make the entire process of sales much easier. By keeping track of information and allowing you to access it whenever you need will greatly increase your team's ability to deal with customers in a personalized manner. Along with making tasks like data entry much simpler, a CRM will free-up your team from tedious tasks and will give them more time to connect with the customers.

With CRM keeping track of the sales process, it allows a new salesperson to take over from where the last one left off. This saves a lot of time since no-one would have to start the process again. In the end, implementing a CRM will boost your team’s productivity whether it be on the sales process or while dealing with customers.

6. Better Communication

Communication is one of the key aspects of running a business. Without effective communication between you, your team and your clients, you cannot run a company. A CRM software provides you with a platform where all your clients’ information along with your team’s workflow is neatly presented. Having a history of interactions with clients will equip you with the necessary information to have better customer conversations. Along with automated follow-ups, emails, phone calls and reminders, you will never miss a meeting, overall bettering your relationship with your clients. Also, with a CRM on the go, you can connect with your sales team even if they are out and about keeping you updated at all times.

A CRM overall improves your company with the way you communicate. Whether it is internal communication or customer communication, CRM strengthens and enhances both.

7. Advanced Reports

After the whole process of gathering all the data of your leads and customers, it has to be processed to be properly utilized. You could assign a team to focus on giving you quality reports but let’s be real, the reports will be prone to human error and more time consuming. A CRM will automate this part of your sales process and make your and your team’s job that much easier.

The processing of your accumulated data will be done in seconds. Various kinds of reports can be generated which includes tabular and graphical reports. Examples include sales analytics, campaign progress, trendlines, sales cycles, daily dashboard reports, win rate, loss reasons of deals and many more.

8. Business Growth

A key reason for investing in a CRM is increasing your ROI (Return on Investment). So, it is a given fact that implementing a CRM system in your business will ultimately generate more income. A CRM accomplishes this by better management of data, automation of data entry and better coordination of your sales team. CRM will free up your time and make you and your team more productive and efficient. What this will ultimately lead to is increase in leads and lead acquisition. Along with that, a CRM will improve your company’s ability to provide excellent customer service. Customer loyalty and customer retention are key if you want your business to grow. Other than that, the software will provide you with key insights of your business, sales campaigns and marketing campaigns.

If utilized in the best way, CRM software will without a doubt lead to tremendous business growth. This can be achieved by researching and training your team properly on how to use your CRM effectively.

9. Better Access through Mobility

The world is on the trend of mobility, day-by-day the number of mobile users is increasing rapidly. Services have also followed, everything from banking and transactional apps to apps for a school system exist in the mobile environment. So it is natural for any CRM to be available on your phone. Just having the option to access your CRM database on the go is a tremendous advantage for your business. You along with your team and your customers can benefit from having a mobile CRM. It allows you to keep track of your leads and existing customers on the go.

With the ability to easily access data of customers anytime, your team can provide a more responsive and qualitative customer relationship. Also you’ll have access to all the statistics and reports even when you’re not at your desk. Being able to manage your business on the go is one of the key reasons why your company needs to have a CRM.

10. Improve Strategies

Sure, the goal of a CRM is to increase revenue but to do that you’ll have to check on the previous data and reports and then strategize for future plans. First, you’ll need to define your goals which you want to accomplish using a CRM. Your goals may be acquiring more leads or implementing a faster customer response system, whatever it may be you’ll need to prioritize properly establishing your goals. CRM software also comes equipped with tools like a sales pipeline which is a visual representation of your entire sales process. With a sales pipeline you can quickly gain insights on how your sales/marketing campaign is progressing. Then you can analyze the data and figure out what steps you need to take to improve your future campaigns. A CRM can help you out greatly in terms of staying organized but to use it to its full potential you have to be willing to actively figure out what changes need to be made. In the end, improving your strategies to achieve your goals using the tools provided by a CRM is what will make your business thrive.

All in all, there are a lot of reasons why your company needs a CRM and you should have a general idea about CRM and its benefits. At the end of the day, it’ll be in your hands on whether or not you’ll invest in a CRM and how you’ll utilize it.

Date: Jul 03, 2020     Author: Abhay

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