Since its inception, Delta Sales App aimed to serve as the smart solution to your sales management. Just recently, FinancesOnline gave us two new certifications to add to our belt: the 2019 Rising Star Award for resonating well with customers and the 2019 Premium Usability Award for providing a consistently easy-to-use platform that both novice and professional users will appreciate.

In their review of Delta Sales App, the software experts at FinancesOnline deemed our product as one of the best sales tools because of its robust sales management and employee tracking functionalities. They said that these features allow businesses to get access to the sales information they need as well as be able to monitor the performance of their field employees in real-time. It even comes with GPS technology and task management tools to optimize the delivery of all sales responsibilities. Lastly, they lauded the DeltaSalesApp Pricing plans for being straightforward and affordable.

FinancesOnline is a premier business directory that provides in-depth evaluations of SaaS products to companies worldwide.  They use a SmartScore™ system to evaluate overall user satisfaction and analyze customer reviews on social media to assess a particular solution’s functionality, customizability, scalability, ease of use, general impression, mobility, and security.

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Date: Apr 08, 2019     Author: Rupesh

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