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In today's world, business is a passion and a source of income. But to run the business successfully, one must think about multiple aspects affecting it. And one aspect is tracking leads and converting them into sales, which is only possible from employee tracking. A business looking for conversion of sales into leads must start using today's best sales tracking software - Delta Sales AppEmployee Tracking Application


Delt Sales App is a GPS based field employee tracking software which helps to track sales representative during working hours. This Sales CRM software tracks approx every activity related to salesman through dashboard appeared on the screen of Sales Manager. For Salesman, Delta Sales App provides android sales app installed on their mobile phone which facilitates them to input their field data in the easiest way, enhancing efficiency and fast communication whereas Sales Manager with Delta Sales App web dashboard from where they can track salesmen GPS real-time location and manage their sales employee activities

Let know, which features are embedded in the Delta Sale App. Some of them are discussed below:

1. Real-time location tracking: Real-time GPS tracking is a very useful module to add value in knowing the exact location of your sales employee. This application lets you know the route and distance traveled by salespeople.
2. Attendance and Leave: This employee tracking application can monitor the number of days your employees have been on leave and can help you to decide whether to accept or deny their leave permissions. 
3. Expenses management: Using Delta Sales App, you can easily record and monitor the expenses done by sales employees during the travel, enhancing expense recording. 
4. Clients management: Clients are the king of the market and managing them is very crucial for the business. Delta Sales App is always there to manage your clients effortlessly. 
5. Product management: Create and update the product listing along with pricing with ease.
6. Assignment of work: Delta Sales App allow you to assign task quickly to the respective salesmen, sharing the workload. 
7. Collection and payment: Delta Sales App enables to track the updates on collections done and payment received by the salesmen.
8. Analysis of the sales team’s performance: Track and analyze the overall performance of the sales team, individual activities and measure it with the targeted sales, keeping the team active and focused.
9. Detail reports: Sales App maintain day-to-day records of your salesman including orders taking, payment collected and places traveled boosting record maintaining. 
10. Announcement: The announcement alerts your salespeople about the updates immediately at a time enhancing proper communication. 
11. Sales app works offline: This app works offline and data is automatically synced once internet coverage returns, strengthening teamwork and saving internet cost.

Simply saying, Delta Sales App will manage your salesmen in a smarter way and help your company to grow.

Date: Mar 17, 2019     Author: Saroj Thakuri

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