Improve the Productivity of Field Sales Employee


A multinational company does one thing better than its competitors; utilization of physical, human and organizational resources. The result is increased productivity and higher ROI. It is quite challenging for small scale businesses to race with big giants when they fall short of achieving their sales targets. Productivity not only depends upon the field sales employee designated to achieve the specific target, but also on process, structure, and methodologies used to attain them. These SMEs must employ sophisticated technology and applications to provide their employee with an efficient way of communicating and sharing information and resources.


But before making a move, it is important to analyze the actual problem in the case. Companies who are underachieving must dig deep inside the organizational structure, production and operation process and recruitment strategy to depict reasons for unsatisfactory performance.

We will now discuss a few preliminary actions that can be implemented to enhance the productivity of your workforce.

Plan before action
Before running onto solving an issue, it is important to have a plan of action. The probable repercussions of implementing the solution should be well addressed and monitored. The cost-benefit analysis should also be taken into account, along with other contingent elements affecting the implementation of a drafted strategy.

Invest in sales software:
It is crucial to digitize your business process which will automate every business activity and ultimately reduce human error. There are several SaaS-based sales management software that makes the job of your field sales employee easier and convenient. Those software requires only minimal human aid and is instantly updated with real-time data, thereby increasing productivity.

Set daily goals
This is a relevant procedure to start a day. Setting daily agendas for your field sales employee will maintain the focus and accountability. Separate the entire task into a smaller chunk, and allocate the job to your employee. This will increase the self-induced productivity of employees on one hand and allows you an overview of daily employee performance on the other. A win-win situation.

Make communication your key weapon
Communication is vital in conducting duties efficiently and assessing them for future reference. Effective communication between field sales employees and their immediate manager determines how responsive an organization can become towards changing customer needs. Quick responsiveness gives you a competitive advantage over your rivals, thereby enhancing your brand image and increase customer loyalty. The consequence of which, your productivity gets better and so does your market share.

Nurture and celebrate
Make it hereditary to celebrate even if it is a small win! This would boost up the confidence of the entire team. Insist on congratulating the team for their hard work and perseverance. This would help in relieving some pressure in the long run. When your employees are happy, they are ready to push their limits.  Well, nothing can be more valuable than a productive employee willing to give everything for your company.

The key takeaways are; to enhance the productivity of your sales team, profound research and succinct analysis are required.  We should never treat symptoms that are affecting organizational productivity rather focus on a strategic approach to finding root- cause of the problems along and their probable solution. Along with that, incorporating filed sales employee tracking software that can automate the business process, and enhance the flow of data and communication should also be taking into consideration.

Date: Jan 28, 2019     Author: Rupesh

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