Field sales force management is emerging with lots of opportunities to enhance sales growth. Salesforce management is not an easy task for Nepali business. The statistics show that FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumers Goods) business in the Nepali market is growing up to 17% which is estimated as being higher than the global growth rate of 2 to 3 %. Also, there are many businesses in Nepal that have failed and one of the reasons is not being able to manage their field sales people. Some businesses often face the most common problem which is ever existing in Nepali business. These problems need to be solved for the highest sales growth and for this Delta Sales App has to come into existence that has all the required modules and features that every FMCG business needs in the present time.

Delta Sales App is mainly the field sales automation software/app for sales managers and their field sales team. Here are the solutions that the Delta Sales App provides for the most common ever-existing problem of sales force management for Nepali business in the field of sales, marketing, and process automation.

1. Track, Manage & Monitor Field Staff

Field sales employees are required to spend the majority of their time outside of the office. The problems to manage remote field sales forces exist in both small as well as large businesses. The loss of direct observational control is one of the main reasons many businesses hinder. Businesses have to adopt some way of making sure that remote field sales forces are working on-target and proceeding with the critical work designated.

Luckily, Delta Sales App recognizes this constant problem and includes features that help different Nepali businesses efficiently handle remote sales forces. Delta Sales App is made to handle daily workflows to manage the field salesforce. It provides you the feature that allows you to track your employee’s live location so that you can easily control the way your field salesforce is working on the field. Delta Sales App has the function estimate about when the fieldwork will be completed. Delta Sales App provides GPS tracking functionality for tracking field salesforce so that you can rest and assure your salesforce team is in the right location at the right time. These features enable companies' sales managers to manage and monitor their field sales employees in real-time enhancing the rise in productivity as the end result.

2. Changes Routes and Schedules

Managing the field sales forces team is a complex work with numerous challenges. There are some days where you get a call for sick leave, vehicles breaking down or any task that runs surprisingly long from your salesforce teams. Unexpected events and incidents like these can render your scheduled tasks null and void.

But Delta Sales App makes it easy to manage. Delta Sales App enables managers or admin to make certain adjustments to the routes and re-assign the task within an instant to another salesperson. Field sales employees get an alert notification on the mobile app, which has an easy understandable interface. This allows obtaining a last-minute replacement of the scheduled work easier for the field sales force teams. This helps you to route the plan for field visits and schedule the time for the field work for your sales reps and more significantly, saves time and increases customer satisfaction, with quick response.

3. Bringing Transparency to the Sales Process

One of the frequently obtained problems is to manage details regarding deals. When the sales reps have to store the number of potential sales typically in traditional old-fashioned sheets, it becomes quite challenging for them. The entire sales process should be clear to the business sales executive to track all the information.

Delta Sales App makes it possible to study each stage. Delta Sales App provides sales reps and other sales force teams to work together on a deal and assign a specific task for each staff. Delta Sales App offers a productive collaboration with the salesforce teams, which is one of the toughest things to achieve. By using Delta Sales App, you can analyze event logs, generate automated reports and analytics reports that are super useful for the business. Delta Sales App makes sure that all the salesforce are doing good and verifies the way the sales process is working. To maintain a top-notch working environment, Delta Sales App promotes transparency in the sales process within your business.

4. Balance Communication

Communication with field staff is very essential to complete the sales task in time, efficiently. Field teams and the marketing teams ultimately lead to their poor performance without adequate communication. You cannot have all the information about the fieldwork they are engaging in and no feedback means no further improvement. Traditionally, field salesforce teams used to document their tasks typically and relayed information once back at the office. This process will lead to many inefficiencies and make the workflow slower and lower the sales growth of your business.

With Delta Sales App, your field salesforce team will have strong communication with your office workers. Delta Sales App supports the most effective means of communication at any time while managing all your data in one place. A quick note to the team member or any other responsible person can be the best way to reach the office. Delta Sales App gives an opportunity for equal collaboration and daily work reporting that enhances the performance of your business.

5. Keep Employees Happy and Motivated

You need to understand the importance of your sales employee’s happiness and satisfaction. Your salespeople are afterall, the ones driving your business forward. Due to lack of recognition, praise, support and not a part of your business, the salesforce team may feel unsatisfied.

The Delta Sales App makes sure the salesforce teams are valued even if they are not contacted everyday. Delta Sales App provides a solution to this ever-existing problem while managing field salesforce. Delta Sales App allows you to share announcements and messages of praise to your sales teams. It lets sales people realize their importance and contribution to your company. The Delta Sales App offers a forum for communicating and staying in touch with your salesforce team whenever you want.

Investing in Delta Sales App proves to pay off in the long run, helping your salesforce team to increase efficiency. Help your sales team to achieve more within a short period of time by implementing one of the best field sales force management and automation solutions, the Delta Sales App. With this, selling would be hassle-free.

Date: Sep 21, 2021     Author: Minisha

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