In today’s world, Saas automation solution for FMCG company is the most, as it is tailored for complicated and multi-tier distribution systems connecting various distributors, retailers, the company and its end users. A powerful SaaS automation solution includes components that are tailor-made for the specific purpose of FMCG business services like production, customer support, and distribution.

FMCG is a diverse and instantly growing business. Fast-moving consumer goods(FMCG) are the products or goods that are sold fast and at a very low cost. FMCG companies sold products in large quantities with cheaper rates. FMCG is the largest part of the consumer goods. Consumer goods are the goods or the products purchased for consumption by common customers. FMCG has a short shelf life as consumed immediately and hence falls under nondurable consumer goods. FMCGs account for more than half of the customer spending but tend to be low expense buying. FMCG involves any goods with a short shelf life and typically a comparatively cheap price. The products of FMCG companies have a very low margin but high volumes with a high turnover of the products sold.

What is the SaaS automation solution?

The SaaS software solution is a service-based application distribution automation in which a third-party provider permits applications and delivers them accessible to the customers over the internet. SaaS automation solution is the platform provided as a service to the customers on-demand computing software performance standards.

SaaS automation solution is an automation tool for using business applications in the form of internet services. SaaS automation software appears on the provider’s server and users reach them using any internet-connected device. In the late 1990s, the concept of SaaS automation solution arrived. It was simply an idea without real applications at first. But in current times, the situation has changed. There are a number of SaaS automation software vendors that emerged; lots of business holders globally have expanded their resources due to this automation solution.

Here are 7 key factors why FMCG company need SaaS automation solution:

1. Procurement Analytics
A connection between the market and the production process can be created by a set of well-managed purchasing activities in the FMCG companies. However, measuring performance to produce crucial market insights is still insufficient. Procurement analytical is most needed for FMCG firms in order to run their supply chain smoothly at the lowest cost possible. Saas automation solution provides procurement analytics for the FMCG company to make its supply growth better. Saas automation provides

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2. Demand Planning
Demand planning is the most important of the supply chain management process for any FMCG business in which business firms accumulate statistics and hence use market signals to predict customer demand tendencies. Generating a reliable forecast for FMCG companies can help to make critical decisions about a variety of items at any time in the supply chain management. Saas automation including demand forecast solutions helps FMCG businesses to plan their inventory smarter, more time saving, and with brilliant accuracy. A SaaS automation solution comes up with the integration of demand with other supply chain functions including stock lifecycle management.

3. Business Intelligence
An enormous amount of data is generated by FMCG companies every day, but all of the data are not necessary. Companies which have business intelligence include apparent competitive advantages as business intelligence offers predictive analytics besides traditional types of report. Hence, advanced market analysis and trend forecasting are the base of the FMCG business. That’s the main reason business intelligence is indispensable for FMCG business. A SaaS automation solution with a business analytics service delivers interactive visualization with business intelligence skills.

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4. Product Information Report
Product ideas and information for any FMCG companies are the most significant portion. For any FMCG business who wants to digitize and automate their everyday workflow and tasks where they have to deal with the production of a large quantity of a variety of items on a daily basis, product information management is the fundamental mechanism. Implementing suitable SaaS automation solution software helps FMCG companies to manage their product information and address the business process requirements. The product information report provides to present product knowledge in one database.

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5. Retail Operations
The required amount of the products under control is gigantic due to the multi-tier attribute of FMCG companies. To reduce the risk of losing coverage against competitors in every point of sales and to enhance visibility, every FMCG firm must integrate automation solutions that are capable of keeping a record of numerous products displayed, monitor field salesforce team and support the business operations. SaaS automated software provides various specialties that extend FMCG work processes. Actionable and detailed mobile reports with image analysis and recognition are approached by many SaaS products. A good SaaS automation software accesses scorecards of sales force teams and business’s plan.

6. Route Optimization
Route optimization is the most needed in FMCG companies for both primary and secondary distribution and sales of FMCG products. FMCG has a huge capacity and fast-paced movement of the manufacturers, so reducing transportation cost has always been a concern for the FMCG companies. The FMCG business seems to be under the pressure of reducing logistics costs. As customers want to have a small number of available orders on a regular basis, reducing transportation cost becomes the toughest part. To plan the route cost in the traditional way takes too much time especially for FMCG companies. As finding the shortest path connecting the delivery locations, the route pan also needs to take several robust and flexible attributes of FMCG companies into account. A Suitable SaaS product like salesforce automation software boosts efficiency rather than manual work and tracks all delivery activities in real-time.

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7. Distribution Management
FMCG is also known as a customer-driven market and customers want to get their orders to be available and delivered at their place. This has become the latest trend in an e-commerce business. Distribution management modifies the entire logistics administrations, operations and constructs faithful among various buyers in the FMCG business. Most SaaS automation software has distribution management which helps FMCG business to eliminate manual sales processes, estimate promotions precisely and control all distribution activities.

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There are numerous factors that make SaaS automation solutions to be implemented by FMCG companies. SaaS automation solutions in the upcoming future are most needed for the FMCG company. If SaaS solutions not implemented today, it will be very late for FMCG to manage their overall work and sales process.

Date: Jan 29, 2020     Author: Minisha

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