Field sales automation software helps companies monitor daily activities of salesmen working in the field - their movement, daily orders, effective visits, payment collections, leaves and attendance. This helps in capturing the right information from employees faster and in an efficient manner. With increasing competition, unmanaged leads and traditional sales practises, it’s very hard to squeeze out the best in all the reps. This is where SFA comes in to rescue.

A good field sales automation app should be capable of capturing all relevant information and converting them into insights that can further help businesses in decision making. Implementing SFA can save time as it consolidates and prepares reports automatically, along with systematizing client relationships.

There are many benefits of implementing Sales Force Automation which are always talked about, but why do some companies fail to implement SFA? In this article, we will cover the challenges faced while implementing SFA in any organization. Some of them are:

1. Traditional management

Any decision making power to implement something new in an organization is only limited to senior management. Likewise, it is very difficult to mould their thinking with modern technologies from their existing approach - be it pen-paper or spreadsheets, as any change requires time to adapt and hence cost. Nevertheless, management should consider adopting the latest technologies to be ahead of their competitors.

2. The Word “Being Watched”

SFA easily tracks all the day-to-day movement of executives and managers and the word “being watched” may not be acceptable to many. When there is daily surveillance, company managers and executives can be reluctant to implement. This is one of the challenges but everyone should take it in a positive way as that could increase the overall productivity of your organization.

3. Training and learning the system

Successful implementation of any software is defined by the amount of training and time invested to learn the system. Results come when we know how to use our tools best. Training during the first few months of implementation is of utmost importance to succeed. Training the field force can include multiple sessions. Every department needs to go through sufficient training sessions until they are confident to use the system and bring the results.

4. Cluttered past data

Implementation of SFA requires uncluttered data of parties, payments, customers, products in order to work full-fledged. The absence of accurate data can prevent companies from implementing SFA.

5. Lack of Patience

In order to see results, patience is the utmost. Lack of patience amongst the company management after implementation of SFA can lead to biased decision making. Once the system is implemented, it needs to be carefully monitored as there will be those who take the time to learn. It is important that enough attention is given to slow learners, less patience can lead to inaccurate data which can be very harmful.

There are many benefits if a company is able to overcome the challenges of implementing sales force automation software. You can read this - Benefits of Mobile Sales App in Efficient Sales Management to have a better understanding. Also, if you are looking for field sales force automation software, Delta Sales App can be the best value provider for your company.

Date: Mar 29, 2020     Author: Pratik

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