The world of ecommerce is exciting but it’s definitely not easy to excel in. There’s so much competition, even for online stores in specialty niches. To identify the best ways to get to the top can be overwhelming, with experts giving all sorts of tips. Unfortunately, this could mean the most basic ways of benefiting a brand is going unnoticed.

In truth, even if companies just improve one aspect of a store or brand, it could start making a difference. This is definitely the case when it comes your company logo to attract customers. Nowadays this can easily be achieved with a logo design crowdsourcing platform.

However, this is easier said than done. This cheat sheet will show you exactly what you need to do to get it right and the outcome could be the conversion rates you’ve been hoping for all along.

A Logo Designed For Ecommerce Website

You may have to go back to the drawing board and see how you can enhance a logo. In an indirect way, the following basic factors could affect how your audience feels about committing to your brand and products:

1. Color: As part of the logo design process, color palettes are always an important consideration. Bolder colors can communicate power, which sparks trust in consumers. This could affect conversions because a buyer may pick the brand it trusts, no matter the specs of a product.

2. Style: Another aspect that affects trust is being relatable to your niche audience. When someone feels a certain brand would understand them better, they would prefer doing business with that company. Here, companies need to look for design elements and fonts that match their target audience’s points of view. Some may prefer brands that communicate fun, while others like professionalism.

3. Mobile Optimization: Your logo must be practical for use on mobile. Many consumers shop on their smarthones these days, so each ecommerce site element—logo included—must display well. Someone may navigate away if an element seems of low quality, because it lowers the viewer’s esteem of the company. Remember, a logo represents an entire brand. For example, it shouldn’t pixelate because it could send a message of the brand not caring about quality or small details. Companies must obtain high quality images from the designer to use throughout the website.

4. Websites Matching Logos: With any design project, it’s essential that all the elements complement each other. A disjointed feel could be off putting to someone. Since emotions affect people’s decisions not liking what he or she sees could influence someone’s decision of which brand to buy from. So, make sure the rest of your website’s look and colors suit your brand logo.

How You Use Your Logo

When you have the right logo, you can start using its power to impact sales numbers. This is mostly to improve the trust in a brand, in order to obtain loyal long-term customers. It’s also to benefit from the visual impact images can have on ecommerce customers.

Use it Where it Matters

To improve customers’ view of a brand, building trust is essential. To ensure this, that logo image must be associated with everything that’s good about the company. For example, after investing time in improving a checkout page, designers should include the logo on the page as well. It’s a small but powerful reminder to customers of who makes online shopping fast and effortless. This will help them remember who to trust next time they need to place an order. 

It’s also important to let the logo be synonymous with a company’s excellent service. Even just adding it to a live chat box can amplify this message. It also makes elements of a website more personal when one doesn’t simply stick to standard templates.

Consumers often commit to buying from a certain brand because of the unique selling point (USP). Displaying the logo in places where selling points are mentioned can ensure visitors associate the two with each other. When they’re looking for that value in future, they may visualize the logo, increasing the number of buyers who return for more.

Display for Those who Walked Away

Email campaigns are powerful tools in improving conversion rates, especially if a store wants to remind buyers of online carts they left behind. A logo is a dynamic way to make an email seem more professional, which plays an important role in trust building.

This is also true for remarketing ads. Visual elements are also easier to process and remember. So, adding a logo can remind buyers of the items they were yearning after, even if they don’t take the time to read the text in the message.

Avoid Clutter by Not Over-using

As much as brands should use their logos, it’s always important not to overdo it. To simply add a logo to each open area on ecommerce pages could be counterproductive. A vital guideline in website design is to keep pages uncluttered and allow the negative or white space to create a sense of balance. This makes a page more enticing to stay on and when consumers spend more time, it increases the possibility of conversions.

Let it Move

An ecommerce vendor must find ways to catch visitors’ attention. This could prompt even an accidental visitor to stay longer. Movement and imagery are powerful in making viewers look a second time, so animating the logo or using it on rolling banners are practical ways to get this right.

Share Product Videos Featuring Your Logo

Another effective method of increasing conversions is to share enough information about products. Explanation videos and product summaries in video format are popular and also improve an ecommerce site’s SEO.

For optimal results, ecommerce vendors should display the logo on the product itself or in the video. This confirms that the product being talked about relates to the brand and website the customer is on. Viewers will know they can get that very same value they see on the screen if they buy from that ecommerce store. This Amazon Business video is a great example of such a product video.

A logo on a product page’s video could even place doubt in their minds about whether they’ll get the same quality elsewhere. This prevents many of them from navigating elsewhere.

Over to You

Reviewing the design and use of your logo is a marketing tool almost anyone can do to improve sales. And some of these tips don’t even require high expenses, so all ecommerce entrepreneurs can have a chance to boost sales this year.

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Date: Sep 07, 2021     Author: Anthony Scott

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