Improving field sales in today’s vibrant marketplace appears too complicated especially for FMCG companies. Nearly 64.8% field sales reps’ time is wasted in non-revenue generating activities whereas only 35.2% time for activities related to selling. Approaching an increase by 2x with a traditional approach indicates just a stupid imagination. Even after a hard effort, reaching a monthly sales target is difficult.

To obtain the monthly sales target with the least effort the latest technologies like the salesforce automation software must be implemented as they allow improvised performances. Automation software figures out to perform operations and workflows more effortlessly to understand and tightly linked with each other to enhance the productivity of the sales teams and produce a pleasant experience to the FMCG customers. FMCG SFA exposes its relevance in various and diverse enterprises and fields.

To improve productivity and increase field sales, everyone should be focused & directed to the goal along with proper planning and guidance. Here are some of the ways that can be implemented to increase field sales by 2x.

1. Implementation of sales automation software:
With the implementation of sales automation software, the companies especially FMCG can streamline all of its activities and track their sales representatives. Integrating FMCG sales force automation software to any business will help to get detailed insights on what’s going well and what’s not. It releases a lot of time approaching and coming up with a new plan. With the sales force automation software, all his executives can easily capture and send pictures of the product, making it easy to track and record.

2. Tracking of sales and orders:
For any business managing and keeping a record of sales and orders is tedious. Sales and orders are central components of businesses, especially for FMCG Companies. Tracking the sales and orders helps in facilitating both sales and orders that can be handled instantly and efficiently, assuring the customers recognize a confident ordering experience each time. Tracking sales and order involves a more integrated way of working.

3. Tracking and analyzing sales activities:
Tracking and managing the sales activities within companies with an end to end approach is very important. Tracking sales activities and analyzing them, leads to an increase in sales productivity. Each sales activity should be tracked in order to make an evaluation that can determine sales increment as a whole. Consistency in tracking and analyzing sales activities is very crucial for accelerating sales results.

4. Planning & proper execution:
Planning only won’t work if there is no proper execution. Making out the monthly plan and setting the targets accordingly is very crucial for field sales increment. This brings the day to day progress in sales and helps to keep the team focused and motivated. This helps a lot in forming upcoming strategies to obtain the highest profit with minimum effort.

5. Prioritizing customer satisfaction:
Customer satisfaction is the most important role in any business for sales increment. Customer satisfaction should always be the first priority for any business after all that’s what matters for effective sales increment. Exclusive discounts, offers, and schemes lead to an increase in satisfaction. Customers like retailers and distributors feel associated with a safe company.

6. Motivation & awareness programs:
Time -to time different motivational and refreshment programs should be conducted by the companies to make their salesforce more excited and refreshed which boosts their efficiency. Building an environment to care about each other and group performance helps in recognizing teamwork. Conducting motivational and awareness programs lead to strong bonding between the sales force and companies and hence results in the increment in the productivity of the sales and increment in the field sales as overall.

7. Defining the goals:
The goal should be defined properly to boost creative strategic planning. A well-defined goal set managed dynamically is obliged to lead to profit for any business. The goal to achieve the target for increasing sales productivity should be clear, boost field sales as it serves as an ambition. Goals give salesforce an insight into regulation and representation of the effort to reach the target.

8. Following up with the leads:
Lead must be followed up in order to be up to date for the conversion of leads into potential customers. With FMCG SFA App, the productive time of the sales force personnel increases by automating the scheduling of visits and tasks of the salesforce. From the number of calls made to narrowing down to the areas with the best sales, the manager can monitor everything.

Companies using automated software associated with excellent location-based services (like Delta Sales App) confirms a pleasant user experience to the walk-in customers. With FMCG SFA, there is more concentration to increase the revenue from the existing outlets through product visibility that helps to give proper instructions to the administrators.

Date: Dec 26, 2019     Author: Minisha

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