In this competitive world, one person’s loss becomes another person’s gain. A slight mishandling and you might lose a valuable opportunity to your competitor. Research shows that there is a 70% increase in deal closure rates when companies use a lead management software.

For most of the organizations, one of the challenging tasks is to keep track of leads and get more sales. A lead tracking system keeps all prospects’ information and their conversations, from the initial touch point to the point of final conversion, in one place. With an advanced lead management system that comes with mobile apps, the information of leads and customers will always be in your sales reps hands whenever and wherever they need. Moreover, some CRMs also offer workflow automation features, which is a huge time saver because tedious and repetitive work can be easily automated, resulting in faster deal closures.

Effective Lead Management Systems allow organizations to focus more on leads that are likely to bring in positive results, so that they can optimize their sales efforts and bring in more customers, resulting in higher revenue and profitability. When a company gets a new lead, the lead management system will guide in routing the lead to the concerned salesperson. This software may even provide predictive analytics that is helpful in grading the strength of leads. Thus, one of the best ways to accelerate the potential of a sales team and increase output is to implement lead management software.

A good lead management system is necessary because
1. All leads can be approached simultaneously
2. Follow-ups would never be missed
3. Expense on lead nourishing activities can be saved
4. Quality leads can be clearly identified
5. Activities can be easily delegated amongst the team members
6. Time can be saved by automating repetitive tasks

Lead management software allows organizations to utilize powerful reporting and analytics to track acquisition rates, conversion statistics, close ratios and other vital metrics. This provides them with the intelligence to evaluate the quality and viability of leads generated, and improve performance measurement and management. Additionally, lead management apps help to identify qualified leads, and remind the sales person when follow-up needs to be done. Some CRMs also allow automated follow-ups via emails. This helps guarantee that all opportunities are properly nurtured, and that opportunities are not missed.

Date: Jul 13, 2020     Author: Somi

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