In any company, revenue totally depends upon the sales and movement of products to end users. In order to reach sales goals, a productive field sales team and a well-managed sales process are utmost important.

Usually, there are 3 stages of sales - primary, secondary and tertiary.

Primary sales is the sales from manufacturer to distributor. This is the first and primary sales point for any company. Products move from manufacturer store points to distributors’ warehouses. In secondary sales, products move from distributor to retailer, further it also includes direct end user sales from warehouses. In this transaction, the distributor has his margin and bills the retailer at retail price. Finally, tertiary sales includes sales from retailers to end users.

Sales automation software is used by companies to automate and monitor primary and secondary sales activities which includes interaction between field sales reps and different sales points. This is the phase where companies need to have high productivity in order to enhance their profitability. If primary and secondary sales are not managed properly, products can’t reach the end users, which clearly leads to low sales levels. So, managing these stages are very significant in terms of revenue generation.

DeltaSalesApp helping companies to manage their primary and secondary sales


Delta Sales App is a field sales automation software that tracks, manages, monitors and automates sales processes of companies. It is an app for sales managers to overlook their field sales activities. The app has capabilities of automating and monitoring both primary and secondary sales very efficiently, and increasing the interaction among manufacturers, distributors, retailers and ultimately the end users.


For Primary Sales: Manufacturers have different top level distributors who order products in bulk from them. Using Delta Sales App, distributors can manage their activities which include placing orders directly to manufacturers, maintaining record of orders placed, transactions done, managing available stocks and many more. If any distributor is not comfortable using their panel, there is also an option where the assigned field salesman can visit them and take their order by punching in their order details in the app. This is the best way by which the management, sales managers and distributors can stay connected and updated about primary orders and other daily activities.

For Secondary Sales: Using Delta Sales App, sales executives and sales reps visit retailers which are under various distributors and place orders for them through their mobile application. Orders placed are shown in the distributors panel and company dashboard where both can monitor the orders placed by retailers. Also, Delta Retailer App can be further used by the retailers where they can place orders to distributors directly and view their payment history.

Let’s take the example of one of our clients, DV Group.

DV Group is one of the renowned organizations that has expanded its business presence from FMCG goods to Education, Media, Trading of industrial goods, Agriculture, International Recruitment and Food & Beverage along with strategic plans for the Hospitality sector. Over the years, they have built an extensive distribution network across all the states of Nepal covering approximately 30,000 outlets with a market penetration of 95%.

In this rapidly changing business environment, they were also facing the problem of order management, sales reporting and field employee tracking. These problems acted as obstacles and were stopping them from further development and growth.

When they came to know about our product and reached out to us, our Customer Success Manager was in continuous touch with them on how we could solve their issues. After a successful discussion, we came to the point where we helped them by customizing and implementing our system so that their problems could be resolved.

Using Delta Sales App, DV Group has been able to ensure every primary and secondary sale is monitored and tracked. It has been very easy for their sales managers, distributors and retailers to manage orders and their salesmen have become more proactive than ever. This has resulted in automation of their company’s sales process along with a rise in productivity of every individual in their sales team.

Moreover, the enhancement is not just limited to productivity, even team collaboration and customer satisfaction have improved. They share their experience as “We are happy with the Delta Tech team and quite satisfied with their product - the Delta Sales App. In this modern times, we are glad to automate our company sales process with such result oriented software. I suggest, every company should be using Delta Sales App to manage their field sales activities, which would result in increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction.”

Date: Jun 28, 2020     Author: Pratik

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