Even some of the biggest companies have fallen down from the top to the lowest level. Many companies bear the loss in their business due to the mistakes they often make, that takes away their loyal customers. Mistakes do happen in each business, but not solving them can create huge issues resulting in the decrement of sales and company growth.

Customer loyalty is an essential factor for business growth and they should be treated such that, they stay with you for a longer time. Mistakes from your company side can drive your customers to get away from you and might not return back. Many companies have been seen doing mistakes which have made them fall in great loss.


Here are 9 mistakes that drive customers away from you:

1. Poor impressions to customers:
Impression reflects companies’ policies and outcomes for the customers. It’s a common saying; “the first impression is the last impression”. Presenting yourself in a bad manner has the worst impact on customers, therefore cannot believe in your company. Many companies avoid this fact which results in the loss of loyal customers. There’s never a second chance to make a first impression on the customers. When any visitor visits, impress them by making them feel a warm welcome. Offer them extra knowledge to make them easier for decision making. In this way, you can convert any visitor into a potential customer.

2. Bad customer support:
The company staff has to deal with the customer for the product or service, vice-versa. Your staff must know about giving values to the customers and solving their problems. There are lots of staff who are just concerned about their job and literally don’t care about customers’ problems. To motivate your staff to perform well, you need to make your staff realize that treating customers is very essential to customer experience. A good product or service is not only a key factor to keep loyal customers. Employees should also be motivated by considering their values and importance for the company. Employees with good performance should be rewarded to make them know that they are doing good at their job.

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3. Incompetent staff customer Care:
Customers always expect to know more about the product/service of your staff. If your staff is not knowledgeable about the product/service, he/she can’t explain well to the customer which makes customers go away. If your staff is lacking more knowledge than the customer, for sure, your customers will say goodbye. The staff should be an expert about the product/service, your company is providing. So, hiring relevant knowledge person is important. As well as, providing staff with access to all the possible knowledge base about the service/product of your company is crucial. Also, your staff should know your company’s policies so while dealing with the customers, they can handle their issues within the company’s guidelines.

4. Breaking your promises:
Customers expect to get the service/product as you promised. If they found different from the one you promised to offer, they surely get offended and conceives distrustful towards your company. Customers will not deal with your business again which will affect long-term profit and long-term profit is what you want from your business. If you promise anything to your customer, fulfill it. Don’t promise the things you cannot do. This might influence your customer’s trust in your company.

5. Wasting customer’s time:
Time is valuable for everyone. Wasting customer’s time by making them wait for a long time can be one of the greatest mistakes that can shortly take away your customers from you. Customers always want their issues to be fixed as quickly as possible. No customers want to wait for a long time to get their work done. Customers don’t want to hear the unnecessary reasons for waiting. They just want their time to be valued. If you are wasting your customer’s time, you are losing your customers. This mistake of your can be an advantage for your competitors. Your competitors are just looking from around the corner. If your customers get disappointed about wasting their time, they might switch to another company. So, try to give value to your customer’s time. Make them feel that you care about their valuable time and achieve their trust.

6. Giving less priority to customer complaints:
Ignoring customer complaints can result in a huge loss in your business. If you can’t deal with the complaints then your customer will choose the next company. Customers’ complaints should be kept at a higher priority and action should be taken instantly. Customers’ complaints should be handled carefully and their complaints should be listened to, try to solve their problem as soon as possible. Handling customer's complaints can make your company grow better.

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7. Responding to positive feedback only:
Positive feedback is good for your business to grow but only focusing on positive and ignoring negative comments will not be helpful for your business. You should seek negative feedback too. Customers are smarter. They know everything can’t be totally perfect in your company. They want to see balanced reviews of your company and the way you treat your unsatisfied customers. Also, you must focus on the things which make your customers give negative feedback. No customers give negative feedback without any concern. Negative feedback provides relevant reviews about your product/service. Take this as an advantage to improve your faults or things that’s been lacking in your product/service. Giving priorities to negative feedback and solving the customer’s issues helps to build a trustworthy relationship with them.

8. Delighting your customers instead of delivering values:
Customers don’t need gifts, cards, or a quick refund with your staff’s smile while their problems are still unsolved. Customers just want their problem to be solved as soon as possible. Solving problems of the customers build loyalty. Ignoring to deliver values can lead to destroying the customer’s loyalty. Delivering values to them with the promises that are made by your company makes your customers trust you again. Customers don’t like to contact the company again and again for the same issues, rather they want their problems to be solved once been informed. Try to reduce problems that are being faced by the customers rather than offering gifts and cards.

9. Appreciating new customers and ignoring the existing one:
One of the biggest mistakes that most of the companies make is to appreciate and give attention to the new customers over the existing one. Giving priority to a new customer is good for your business but over the existing one is the worst. Once the existing customers realize that they are given less importance than the new one, you will lose your old customer for sure. For you, each customer is very important. You must know how to balance them. Never let your customers feel low prioritize. Giving value to both new and old customers can build commitment to customers.

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Ignoring the above mistakes, customers will never come back. Also, there is less possibility to recognize the problems and issues right away or to stop them from appearing at all. However, a responsive and proactive approach from you and your team can reduce the problems and issues. Most of the customers appreciate and result in getting better customers relationship for a lifetime.

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Date: Jan 09, 2020     Author: Minisha

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