When the company’s management is administered consistently, it develops clarity & worker comforts. Making it easy for the field sales force to delight the customers, as a result, brings better sales productivity along with the satisfaction for both customers and the field sales force.

Mobile is one of the most common buzzing technologies across all the businesses mainly for FMCG companies. Understanding the current usage of mobile, it can be predicted that mobile sales app will be the most productive tool or the most beneficial tool for the field sales force. In the old days, the sales force used to work in the field with hard copies of leaflets, goods, products and other marketing materials for the presentation. But now, it has been eliminated by mobile apps that provide all the marketing collateral within the mobile device.

Mobile Sales App has become an associate congenital part of several businesses in today’s time. The attendance management process is an essential feature of the FMCG SFA. The best part is – all FMCG sales apps are specifically designed with the salesperson in mind. Be it a sick leave or planned leave, time-off appeals should be accessible to show, track, and accept/decline at a look. Outwardly with strong attendance and leave management, businesses handle acquiescence effects, payroll mistakes, and more.

Replacing paper-based timesheets with appropriate attendance and leave management will benefit businesses to save time, minimize administrative tasks, and support genuine attendance records. Unsuited time-off management exercises and the practice of standard media to track leaves can result in insufficient staffing, worker oppression, potency drop, suspension in project deliverables furthermore, pinning worker turnover.

Mobile Apps for Field sales force provides:
1. Employee real-time GPS tracking
2. Attendance management
3. Live movement view on maps
4. Beat/Route planning
5. Leave management
6. Activity time stamping
7. Meeting records and many more

The salespeople are one of the busiest of all professions. They’d surely appreciate all the help they can get to improve their performance and productivity. Maintaining a large sales-force is crucial for the business but it can also be a challenge to manage. FMCG Sales Force Automation app executes the works simply by authenticating and verifying the visits of the salesman to assigned outlets that permit their managers to view the progress live on a map. It also indicates warnings when salespeople are not attending their allocated locations or visiting places that are not designated to them.

Mobile apps like the FMCG SFA app primarily assist salespeople to manage their work without any supervisor always hanging over their shoulders. FMCG sales app can work by having workers opt for a collection of tasks from a listing, and perform the tasks on their own during the set duration of their time. With mobile apps, any salesperson who is supposed to be working can update their status wherever they’re supposed to be at a particular time which results in efficiency and fast decision making.

A mobile app like the  FMCG sales automation app automates everything from attendance, leave accounting, grants, to closing activities. An excellent FMCG SFA application should have an individual module to track leaves. Observing salesperson appearance is as critical as controlling employee presence, working hours, and attendance.

Best mobile apps for the field sales force like FMCG SFA app comes with on-line access, which lets administrators and salespeople know their tasks and time schedules from any area, anytime. In this way, new tasks can be assigned and existing ones can be edited on the move. It’s an excellent way to assume the company is performing at its full intensity, perpetually.

If you are looking to implement Salesforce Automation Software for your company, Delta Sales App gives the highest value for your money’s worth, a highly advanced salesman tracking software that includes attendance management, order automation, beat plan, expense management, real-time salesman tracking and various other functionalities.

Date: Feb 14, 2020     Author: Minisha

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