Mobile Sales App in Efficient Sales Management

Mobile apps are one of the most actively growing trends and many companies are using it for branding, engaging their customers, managing their daily workflows, and improving their productivity. Around 63% of the world population is using mobile phones and millions of applications are being downloaded every month. A mobile app is the future of managing businesses and improving efficiency. Nowadays, companies are using mobile apps to manage their sales and sales teams.

Some companies, however, are still using the old-fashioned paper-pen approach and manually consolidating the data to generate reports. This takes a lot of time and hassle, sometimes reports may even be inaccurate and there is slower reporting to management, which means decision-making is delayed.

Sales management plays a crucial role in the growth of the company and using an appropriate sales team management solution is a must as it can organize your processes and give an edge over competitors.

Let’s now highlight how companies are benefiting by implementing a mobile-based sales application:

1. Zero information loss
Loss of information is the loss of important information which means decreased value and revenue. Using a sales app, there are reduced chances of human error and missing any information. As soon as a salesperson adds any information to his app, it can be reported to the management.

2. Elimination of manual work thus saving time
The manual work of consolidating reports of a huge number of salespeople can be tedious and time-consuming. It is important to switch to automated reporting apps so that companies can utilize their time in other important tasks.

3. Determine sales employee performance
Using sales automation apps, management can understand how their salespeople are performing relative to each other. In large companies with many sales team members, it can be very difficult to measure each person’s performance. Using sales solutions, the software can automatically rate and rank the sales team members based on their sales. Companies nowadays are saving a lot of costs as they can eliminate low performing employees.

4. Increase company revenue
Using mobile sales apps, companies have been able to scale their businesses. Companies who were earlier worried to enter new markets or hire more salespeople are now more confident as their reporting is more systematized, which gives them support to scale their businesses.

5. Analyze market demands 
Who else can have a better idea about the market other than a salesman? They know the trends, problems, challenges, and requirements better, and using mobile apps, they can report it in real-time, which can then be automatically consolidated to give good insights and help in analyzing the market, ultimately helping in making better strategies.

6. Improve team collaboration
Every hour is important for the sales team because they are the one who makes your company stand in the market and wasting that time in conversion can cost high. Using the sales automation app saves lots of time as all the information a salesperson needs can be displayed in the app. Better team collaboration can help in making decisions faster and making the company grow.

7. Boost sales force efficiency
Better planning makes sales team confident and gets more results with fewer resources. Sales App gives sales force a way to perform better in the field whether it is taking orders or making attendance or reporting for a leave. Using an app for reporting improves the overall efficiency of the salesforce.

Overall, the sales management app improves field sales efficiency and conversion rate resulting in the growth of the company. For FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Delta Sales App is the best choice anyone can have. With features like taking orders, payment collections, marking attendance on the app, beat planning, the app is increasing the efficiency of sales teams in FMCGs. For lead tracking & sales pipeline management for high-velocity sales teams, Delta Sales CRM is a good choice.

Date: Aug 30, 2019     Author: Ekta

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