Leads are essential for every business. The more leads you have, the more revenue you get. Lead generation increases business sales growth and provides a new height to your business. Highly qualified leads are easier to convert. But getting high-caliber leads is a problem. Buying bulk leads from a company is not a good idea.

Generating more leads is secondary, generating quality of leads that drive sales always matters and to generate better leads follow these proven sales lead generation techniques that really benefit.

Techniques to generate more leads


1. Always have more than one lead source

One of the biggest mistakes most salespeople make is they have only one source of leads whether it’s through making cold calls or from only one marketing source. It might create vulnerability in salespeople because if it drains up ever, there is no other source for lead generation. So, always have more than one lead source which slowly and consistently brings leads. Reliable lead sources have a multiplicative effect on bringing leads from different sources. Holding more lead sources brings out to generate more sales leads.

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2. Use campaigns

An old school mindset about prospecting was banging out lots of cold calls bringing good news by the end of the day. But instead of using the old school mindset, adopt prospecting campaigns that have many benefits like connecting you to the prospect, fast interacting and better understanding of leads. Campaigns present your products to the targeted people and help to generate more effective leads at a very low cost.

3. Don’t forget to share valuable content

Sharing is the most effective way to start a relationship with prospects. The traditional thought about selling is that the customers have all the values. The customers are the ones with the money and the salesperson is just trying to get into that money. But the modern thought towards selling is that the salesperson should have lots of valuable insights and a lot of valuable content. Companies can create lots of helpful content that are really helpful and useful for the prospects, or the customers in a way that they don’t have to pay for that performance necessarily upfront. So, share valuable content in various forms like ebook, white papers, or case studies. Sharing this valuable content is slowly going to help build a relationship with prospects before they engage with the phone calls or chats with the salespersons. Remember customers are doing 50% of their buying process before they even talk with the companies. So companies should slowly provide them with insights.

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4. Scripted prospecting calls

Many salespeople get really uncomfortable with the idea of the scripted calls and every salesperson is afraid of sounding scripted. As a result, when they actually get prospects on the phone, they start drifting which are unlikely to be effective. Prepare yourself before every unique call. You should know exactly what you are going to say when you get someone on the phone. Scripting prospecting calls makes you know already what you are going to say to the leads. Take some time to write and prepare well what you are going to speak. Practice it in a way that it shouldn’t sound scripted. Use different points while dealing with different leads. Practicing a couple of times will make it sound natural.

5. Voicemails to follow-up on other methods

There’s been lots of back and forth over the years on the effectiveness of voicemails. In fact, voicemails are a pretty way to get on the prospects rather. It is not necessary to leave voicemails every single time while making phone calls. Use voicemails as a way to show that you are a real person. While sending emails or packages that show value to the prospects, follow up with them properly and if they missed to pick up the phone call, leave voicemails. Here, you must know what you are going to say.

6. Email sequence

An email sequence is incredibly effective. Emails sequence is basically a pre-planned sequence of emails that are going to essentially be automated and will go out to the prospects. It doesn’t use constant emails or some HTML email services. It should be your work email to make the leads believe that direct email is sent from your work email but it’s actually automated. There are so many CRM systems to automate an email sequence. Come up with the CRM system with four or five emails that are sent over the course of a couple of weeks that are following one upon another that seems personal and make it look authentic. For huge prospects and audiences, it can be tremendously effective because it basically automates a lot of tough work which has to be done by the salesperson.

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7. Linkedin message to get through

People always wanna talk about social media. A lot of times social media is over-hyped in terms of its effectiveness with the sales. Linkedin is an amazing tool for salespeople. Use LinkedIn messages to reach prospects. Linkedin is connected to a personal email. So when you are sending Linkedin messages that are intentional, and thoughtful, it references specific things to the leads. Use LinkedIn and try to connect them through the networks and sponsor emails and send them messages. Use LinkedIn in such a way that it looks personalized, intentional, brief but another way to connect with the leads.

Generating more sales leads isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. You have to go where your ideal prospects are located. Once you approach them, be sure to give a personalized occurrence which can improve progress and loyalty.

Date: Feb 09, 2020     Author: Minisha

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