Tracking field employee location is crucial for maintaining the overall performance of any organization with field reps. Well, the business does depend solely on the performance of employees. However, it can be difficult and time consuming to their track location and daily activities using a paper-based system. That’s why companies are increasingly adopting innovative software for field sales employee location tracking in order to track the location of their reps, improve their performance and automate the company’s sales process.

Are big companies using field employee location tracking software?

Today we are in a digital world where we love to automate our work.

Don’t you want the same?

If you analyze big companies' work processes, they use various software to automate work and get most of the benefits from their resources, saving time and effort. One of the software they regularly use is a field sales employee location tracking app.

GPS based employee tracking software is required by each and every company that has sales reps and focuses on sales and customer relationship management. Companies having 100+ sales employees have already understood the importance of field sales apps and have been using it already to be ahead in the market.

They use location tracking apps so that they can have full control over their field employees’ activities like checking their daily visits, measuring performance, analyzing their expenses. Whenever the sales employee checks-in using the mobile app that they have installed on their smartphones, the sales manager can view their geo-location. Additionally, the activities they perform like taking orders, collecting payments, visiting customers or attending meetings, can all be reported to sales managers directly via field sales force automation apps.

Moreover, big companies use such software to plan monthly, weekly and daily activities of their sales teams so that they can be aware of their targets. One more interesting thing about big companies is that they have high customer retention rates. Do you know, why? The reason is simple - high customer satisfaction. They understand customer needs. These types of SFA software are not only for tracking salesmen but also used for keeping track of stock levels of retailers and outlets. Sales reps mark the stock levels whenever they visit outlets or retailers, which is made clearly visible to sales managers. This makes companies fulfill the supply and demand chain better than their competitors.

Field reps tracking software also allows to set targets for each salesman, which can be compared to their actual performance. Rewarding top performers not only gives recognition to the sales team but also motivates them to do better next time. Furthermore, automated reports and analytics gives better graphical understanding of data which helps in quick decision making.

Why are companies using field sales tracking software?

With the help of employee location tracking and field sales reporting apps, field sales representatives can mark their attendance directly on the app instead of wasting time and fuel in going to the office to mark attendance and then going to the field. Also, sales managers can get an overview of their sales team activities instantly, which saves time and effort. Moreover, with the implementation of field sales applications, field sales employees can automate their sales activities thereby meeting their work objectives that helps to enhance the overall performance of companies and also enhance customer relationships.

The bottom line

Generally in today’s commercial world, field sales mobile apps are more productivity-focused that give a unique perspective of field employee’s GPS location, daily activities and performance. Implementation of field sales software can improve the effectiveness of sales employees in performing sales-related activities, enhance their ability to communicate rapidly with customers and managers, improve their responsiveness and capacity towards their work, and ultimately increase the overall company sales.

Date: Jul 10, 2020     Author: Somi

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