The beauty of the website fully depends upon the creativity and skill of web designers. That's why it is very important to analyze the skill sets of web designers before you provide them with the responsibility of website designing and development. Here are the few skill sets that web designer should have:

1. The Value of Design
A web designer must have deep knowledge and experience in designing tools like CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator and many more.  Creativity always matters in designing, that is the place where experience counts. Designing a good looking website doesn't matter until you add value to it. Design value usually means designing sense, use of images and text, responsive design and principle of designing. The design cannot be valued unless the user experiences it.

“Think more, Design less" - Ellen Lupton

2.Web Development Knowledge
Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript is most important for web designers.  This knowledge will surely help the web designer to read, write and solve the problem of the site. They can analyze the site design and predict how the site looks. They will have control over site color, font, size, and background.

3. Familiar with latest trends and technology
Being familiar with the latest design and technology will enhance the quality of the website, attracting more visitors to the site and will be the point of visitor attention. Creative, beautiful layout and optimized websites can only be obtained by being updated along with trends and technology.

“Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine."- Paul Cookson


4. Time Management
Completing the task in time is very important to make our clients happy. The design needs to be updated with the updates in the project and track of the project should be kept by the web designers too, to manage the design schedule and follow up with project needs. A professional and devoted web designer can bring the best result with the time limit.  

5. Customer Satisfaction
High customer satisfaction is the most important quality that any person will look into web design.

6. Basic SEO
At least, a basic knowledge of  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  to the designer/developer will add value to their skill set. SEO friendly websites are ranked higher than non-SEO friendly  websites in a google search result.

You don't always need qualifications to become a web designer, but you'll usually need to show that you've got skills in.

Learning and Practice is the key to be a good web designer!

Date: Dec 29, 2019     Author: Saroj Thakuri

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