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Most of the business sells goods and services but do they give value to the customers? Every businessman wants to expand their business, know from where their customers are. They do keep the focus on their targeted audiences, but they fail to do so.  What if the customer knows about your business but they didn’t find you on the internet. This will surely make you lose customers and great business opportunitys. It's time to think about it.


"If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business."
- Bill Gates

Let's know what Website is and need of websites for any businesses,

A website is the collection of web pages usually connected together, collectively hosted on the internet as a single entity and made available online by an individual, company, institution, organization, or government.

The technologies we use for Web Development are,
HTML   CSS JavaScript   jQuery  Wordpress  PHP   Laravel   CodeIgniter

In today's world, people search for companies, organizations, businesses on the internet for information. And, information is very crucial in today’s world of business.  If you plan, on having lots of customers, you need to have an online presence to give your clients information in a single click.

Below are the few points of why you need a website for business:

Around 85% of customers believe that business with the website is more reliable than the business without an online presence. Most of the consumer uses a valid company email rather than email like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc. Global recognition makes your business a brand and it's an easy way to interact with your people and customer.

Having a business online will surely improve customer service.  A strong relationship is built with customers through instant message sharing, sending an email.  The best part will be, a customer can review your product and can leave feedback for your business. The Customer receiving a speedy reply through message & email will surely add value to customers.

You can’t be available all the time but your website does. It will work for you 24/7, 365 days a year with being tired. Customers may turn away because of closing time, but your website doesn’t.  People will reach back to you through the website, instead of going back to your shop and it's all because of accessibility.

Having a website makes your business transparent and trustworthy for customers. People can look at your services, product, and work online with ease. This makes you win people's trust and increase traffic to your site enhancing the business profile and building a good relationship with customers.

A corporate website can be used as a platform to target a large market so that you can sell your services and product worldwide. A  website can promote your product and services 99%  faster than your storefront display. The only thing is you need to optimize your site so that people can find you on search engine results.

An e-commerce website can also be used to promote and advertise your business. This will make you reach lots of people who are looking for the product and services online.  The way to do this is SEO. Having a good SEO service provider will boost your website ranking increasing leads, sales, and profit.

"Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that."
- Paul Cookson

These are the few advantages of having a website for business. If you have a new business and don’t have a website for your business, Contact Delta Tech! We have the knowledge, skill, talent, and experience to serve all kinds of Website Development needs to our clients in Biratnagar, Nepal and other countries.

Date: Dec 02, 2018     Author: Saroj Thakuri

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