Spreadsheets: Not for all businesses

Spreadsheet is one of the oldest and most popular platforms to manage all the important data. With no doubt, this is still being used in many organizations for different purposes. But you have to think, is a spreadsheet completely solving your organization’s problem? Is this saving your time? Has your sales team performance improved using spreadsheets?

Most of the answers would be NO. Spreadsheet alone is not enough to carry out all the sales and marketing work. You need a fully functional CRM that works for you and helps you to close more deals. Using Delta Sales CRM software would not only help you manage leads, contacts but would also enhance customer relationships. There would also be no chance of missing any follow-ups with prospects and you would not need to switch to your inbox to send followup emails to clients.

Delta Sales CRM: Journey to an amazing sales experience

With Delta Sales CRM, your sales journey would be smoother and more productive. How? Delta Sales CRM simply works for you to solve your day-to-day sales management problems, saving your time and money. You can manage your leads, contacts, products, invoices, sales pipelines with ease. Moreover, you can assign work to other sales team members with a single click. This makes communication within the team and with customers easier and effortless.

Dashboard of DeltaSalesCRM

What Delta Sales CRM Offers for you

Why choose Delta Sales CRM over Spreadsheet?

Clear insight on what turns leads into customers.

Quick access to all conversations with prospects and customers.

No more missing important tasks and follow-ups.

Collaborate among the sales team members and work simultaneously.

Eye pleasing, clear, and easy-to-use system interface.

More importantly, get all sales information organized in one place.

What the early adopters say?
Here are a few words

“Delta Sales CRM is a complete package for sales lifecycle management. With this, we are able to manage hundreds of leads and the customer follow-up has been really easy and effective. I am definitely recommending this as it looks promising to us.”

- Brandom

“We are happy to use Delta Sales CRM for lead tracking and sales pipeline management. I can’t think of my business without Delta Sales CRM. Highly Recommended!”

- Pravin Nepal

“Finding Delta Sales CRM is quite interactive and effective. I was using Google sheet to manage my leads, follow-up and payment status. But with this CRM, the whole process has been systematic, most importantly under one roof. I am also using the web form feature in many places which collects all my leads in the CRM. I am absolutely loving it.”

- Amit Patel

Have a fresh start with Delta Sales CRM.

Try Delta Sales CRM and experience how it boosts your sales and give you an amazing sales experience.