Manage Leads

Identify, capture and manage your leads in an organized way.

Leads Status

Stay updated on all leads, and their status.

Manage Contact Details

Maintain contact details of all potential customers and companies, and never lose a contact.

Customizable Pipelines

Create custom pipelines and have a progressive view of your leads and know at which stage they are.

Product Management

Link products to deals and keep track of the products a particular lead is interested in.

Activities and Reminders

Schedule meetings, calls and reminders, and never miss out any task.

Activities Assignment

Assign tasks to your peers and know when it's done.

Google Calendar Integration

Integrate all your activities like meetings, tasks and calls to your Google Calendar.

Email Conversations Integrated

Integrate your email into our software and view all your client’s email conversations in one place.

Web Forms

Capture leads from your website by using our API.

Invoicing and Payments

Keep unlimited records of your sales invoice and client payments.

Manage Customer Relationship

Manage all your communication and activities related to a customer in one place.

Roles And Permissions

Assign roles for your team members and control who sees what with different levels of data sharing.

Detailed Reports

Get detailed reports about your sales funnel, activities, win rate, loss reasons and improve decision making.

Upload Documents

Upload important documents related to leads and customers that you may want to refer in the future.


Get better insights of your business and make faster and informed business decisions.

Be a step ahead of your competitors with Delta Sales CRM.